Titan aim to promote local tourism with Chaleur Tourism Night

The Acadie-Bathurst Titan actively participated in the 2022 Tourism Forum held by Chaleur Tourism. While more than 60 operators which play a key role in the region’s tourism – from various businesses to organizations and festivals– gathered on Tuesday, the Titan’s Marketing Director, JD Boudreau, stood out as a rallying force.

One of the pertinent questions that was discussed during the forum was: “How can we better promote our businesses and organizations related to recreation, sports and local products to other businesses/organizations in the region as well as to the citizens of the Chaleur region?”

“This questioning brought me to an idea… let’s use our regional team to bring together, for the duration of a game, various festivals, businesses, organizations and artisans from the Chaleur region,” declared Boudreau. Boudreau then proposed to the various groups present Tuesday to develop one game during the second half of the 2022-23 season which would be dedicated to Chaleur Tourism. “This type of activity can be beneficial for everyone. Community involvement is important to us and the creation of the Chaleur Tourism game is another proof of that,” added Boudreau.

The Chaleur Tourism game will take place on March 12, 2022 and will aim to raise awareness of the various festivals, organizations, businesses and artisans working in the field of tourism in the Chaleur region. Please note that no registration fees will be charged to Chaleur Tourism and to the development actors in the field of tourism in the Chaleur region. This initiative will last for three seasons, from 2022-23 to 2024-25.

“Chaleur Tourism is proud of this great initiative proposed by the Acadie-Bathurst Titan. The leadership shown by Jean-Daniel at our forum in proposing this superb activity is exactly the kind of action that will make our region grow and be known by visitors and locals alike. We look forward to taking advantage of this wonderful showcase at the March 12 game,” said Mylène Doucet, Communications and Marketing Coordinator for Chaleur Tourism.

Sport brings people together; so does the Titan!

More information regarding registration will be published shortly.

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