Billet Feature: Ouellet Family

Opening their homes and personal lives to Titan players, billet families play an essential role in our organization. A second family to the players, a support system for them and their families – billets are crucial to major junior hockey teams’ success. So, each week we’d like to introduce you to our amazing billets.

Fans, meet the Ouellet’s!

The Ouellets may be newcomers to the Titan family, but they bring along many years of experience! Julie Ouellet and her family have been opening their home to BHS exchange students for the past 15 years. Now, they are home to Felix-Antoine Marcotty and Julien Bourget.


What is your favourite memory with a billet?

Seeing the boys interact with our 2-year-old son is, by far, the best memory we’ll have. He is their BIGGEST fan! Before every game, he cheers them on, and can’t go a day without wishing them a good morning and a good night! We all play/watch hockey at home, so the fact that the boys are incredibly patient when playtime comes means the world to us!


How long have you been a billet and why did you decide to billet a Titan player?

It is our first-time having Titan players at home; however, we had two international students (Thailand and Germany) last year for the whole school year. This year with Covid-19, opening our home to more international students was, unfortunately, not possible. That`s when we decided to reach out to the Titan organization and see if they had any players looking for a billet family! It turns out they not only had one but TWO!


Do you have any traditions, fun facts, celebrations, etc., with your billet?

Julien LOVES sidekick butter and herb pasta! He has one of the best metabolism I’ve seen because he probably eats (I kid you not) around 5000 calories a day and never gains a single pound!

Felix-Antoine eats three eggs almost every morning or oatmeal. He ALWAYS starts with a glass of water before any meal and owns more hoodies than anybody I know! Thanks to Felix, our son now wants to wear his hood like Felix whenever he has one!


Is there a favourite meal in your household?

The boys enjoy our Mr. Noodle salad we make once in a while, accompanied by my husband’s BBQ Ribs. Guaranteed seconds!


Is there anything you have to keep stocked in the pantry that you usually wouldn’t?

Not really. The guys eat pretty much the same things we do. However, we have to make sure the pantry/fridge is stocked since we have two eating athletes/machines living with us!


Do you keep in touch with any former billets?

Since this is our first time having Titan players, we can only refer to the Christmas break. We’ve kept in touch since they left and will most likely keep in touch once the season is over also. I like to think that we have a great relationship with the boys! When it comes to our international students, we’ve kept in touch with them and speak to them monthly!


What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a billet?

If you’re hesitating, try it! We don’t regret reaching out and opening our homes to them! They’re well brought up, respectful, young men. Treat them like your own, and the relationship will blossom by itself. A friendly tip: make sure you keep the fridge and pantry stocked! Always remember that they came here to play hockey and they’ve left their friends and family behind; some days could be more challenging than others!

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