Billet Feature: Landry Family

Opening their homes and personal lives to Titan players, billet families play an essential role in our organization. A second family to the players, a support system for them and their families – billets are crucial to major junior hockey teams’ success. So, each week we’d like to introduce you to our amazing billets.

Fans, meet the Landry’s!

Brian, Isabelle, Cedrick and Dylan are no longer rookies, and now in their second season with the Titan! Last season the Landry’s hosted Anderson MacDonald, Cole Stewart, and now Zach Biggar.


What is your favourite memory with a billet?

When my boys meet their new billet brother for the first time, it is a priceless moment that will forever be cherished. Dylan and Cedrick were grinning from cheek to cheek. It’s at that moment a special bond was formed with their billet brothers.


How long have you been a billet, and why did you decide to billet a Titan player?

We’ve been billeting for two years. Brian first expressed interest in becoming a billet, while the rest of the family was hesitant at first. But let’s say Brian is a good salesman, and he convinced us!



Do you have any traditions, fun facts, celebrations, etc., with your billet? 

Zach is included in all our family traditions, whether it’s a birthday, pumpkin carving or decorating the Christmas tree.


Is there a favourite meal in your household?

Hands down, BBQ!



Is there anything you have to keep stocked in the pantry that you usually wouldn’t?

There’s nothing in particular that I must keep stocked; Zach enjoys the same snack as the boys. But, I must say that I make more frequent stops to the grocery store for chocolate milk.


Do you keep in touch with former billets?124771834_2737075779891726_7522960174700273255_n

Absolutely! This summer, we visited Cole Stewart in Moncton and spent the afternoon Go-Karting. The boys had a blast, and it was fun catching up.


What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a billet?

I recommend to everyone to give billeting a player a shot. It’s an excellent initiative that grows your family!

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