Billet Feature: Dupont Family

Opening their homes and personal lives to Titan players, billet families play an essential role in our organization. A second family to the players, a support system for them and their families – billets are crucial to major junior hockey teams’ success. So, each week we’d like to introduce you to our amazing billets.

Fans, meet the Dupont’s!

The Dupont family joined the team in January of last year when Ben Allison signed with the Titan during the trade period. Ally (Ben) is high energy and very enthusiastic, he gets along great with the kids, and we enjoy having him as part of our family.


What is your favourite memory with a billet?

We can’t narrow it down to one single memory because there are so many! Watching Ben play with our children every day (mini sticks or Nerf war), sitting at the table after dinner to talk about our days, carving pumpkins on Halloween, decorating the Christmas tree, playing cards, snowball fights has been a couple of our favourite memories. The children have learned to speak English with Ben.


How long have you been a billet, and why did you decide to billet a Titan player?

The children have always wanted a Titan player, mostly since our youngest plays hockey. We have been a billet family for two years. We also have close friends who are a billet family, which makes things fun.


C517D4C8-8D9F-4D76-A3C1-D756DE0CF4EF - Julie MorinDo you have any traditions, fun facts, celebrations, etc., with your billet?

After a big win, we always make chicken wings when we get home to celebrate. On the weekends, Ben likes to make a breakfast sandwich for the kids. He loves seafood, board games and puts Frank’s hot sauce on almost everything he eats!


Is there a favourite meal in your household?

Steak and potatoes. The potatoes are grown in our garden, and Ben thinks they’re the best!


Is there anything you have to keep stocked in the pantry that you usually wouldn’t?

Ben is not a picky eater and eats everything! He loves to cook, so he uses what he has at his disposal. However, since Ben has been with us, we have never bought so much chocolate milk!


What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a billet?

It’s a great experience to live as a family. These kids need a family environment that will provide continuous support and encourage them when they need it off the ice. They are well-disciplined teenagers with good values. We encourage everyone to give billeting a chance.

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