Billet Feature: Boudreau Family

Opening their homes and personal lives to Titan players, billet families play an essential role in our organization. A second family to the players, a support system for them and their families – billets are crucial to every major junior hockey team’s success. So, each week we’d like to introduce you to our amazing billets.

Fans, meet the Boudreau’s!

Relatively new to the billeting world and on their way to becoming seasoned vets, it is Rachel Boudreau and her family’s first year as a billet, and they love the experience! Although the season has just begun, the memories and stories are endless with her billets Riley Kidney, Chad Arsenault and Christian Sbaraglia.


Why did you decide to billet a Titan player?

It is my first year. Monique had asked me for previous seasons, but I never accepted – big mistake! I decided to give billeting a try this year; I wanted to help the organization, especially with the COVID-19 situation, making it harder to find billets. I have no clue why I hesitated so long before, but I’m certainly grateful that I took the plunge!


What is your favourite memory with a billet?

Our favourite memory so far this season is our pumpkin carving competition. We spent the afternoon as a family, elbow deep in pumpkins, laughing and telling stories. It’s priceless moments like these that you cherish the most.


Do you have any traditions, fun facts, celebrations, etc., with your billet?

Fun facts:

  1. Riley, from Nova Scotia, had never eaten lobster or crab!
  2. Chad, from PEI, hates seafood!
  3. Christian loves sushi and artichoke dip!

Traditions, well, we had a carving competition on Thanksgiving followed by the traditional meal! [Insert turkey coma here]. When we decorated the Christmas tree, the guys hung their own ornaments! But, just sitting down at the table having supper or special snacks, we cherish the great conversations and enjoy their company!


Is there a favourite meal in your household?

A favourite meal in our house is Surf and Turf night – steak and bacon-wrapped scallops.


Is there anything you have to keep stocked in the pantry that you normally wouldn’t?

Cheerios, pasta and bear paws!


What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a billet?

Take the plunge and go for it! Yes, you cook A LOT, but with the organization, it’s fun! Plus, you get to know these young men and their families, which is very special! What I previously saw as the Titan organization has now become a second family for me!! Being a part of the billet families and having their continued support is incredible! Going to the games now is so different because you know the players personally. You are so much more involved and engaged in the games. Being a first-time billet, I have zero regrets and am looking forward to what the future has in store!

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