Billet Feature: Allaire Family

Opening their homes and personal lives to Titan players, billet families play an essential role in our organization. A second family to the players, a support system for them and their families – billets are crucial to major junior hockey teams’ success. So, each week we’d like to introduce you to our amazing billets.

Fans, meet the Allaire’s!

Carole, Francois and their son Nathan joined the Titan family this summer during our annual billet family recruitment. It didn’t take them long to decide that they wanted to give billeting a try! The Allaires opened their home this season to Cole Larkin.


What is your favourite memory with a billet?

On October 17, the Titan were playing the Cape Breton Eagles; Nathan and I watched the game at home that evening. Cole scored his first goal of the season that game, and we knew we had to celebrate! During the intermission, Nathan and I ran down the street to the store and gathered decorations. We decorated the house to surprise Cole when he arrived home.

Cole has also offered to teach Nathan how to skate, and we love seeing them play hockey together. Nathan looks up to Cole as a role model and is so proud to play against him.


How long have you been a billet, and why did you decide to billet a Titan player?

We decided to give billeting a try as we love going to the Titan games as a family, and with Nathan being an only child, we decided to do it for him. He asked a few times before. We consider Cole as a family member, and now Nathan has an older brother. Plus, becoming a billet family allowed us to help out our community.


Do you have any traditions, fun facts, celebrations, etc., with your billet?

A game day tradition for us is we hang a Titan jersey over the stair railing for good luck. We often have chicken wings after the games, and we often call them celebration wings or consolation wings, depending on the game.


Is there a favourite meal in your household?

I wouldn’t say that there is a favourite meal, as Cole, is not a picky eater. He does have a favourite pre-game meal, and it’s either chicken stir-fry or steak and potatoes.


Is there anything you have to keep stocked in the pantry that you usually wouldn’t?

Cole loves the peanut butter sandwich crackers from Ritz.


What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a billet?

Each player is different, and every situation is unique so try it for yourself and form your own opinion. It’s a commitment, but you will enjoy it.

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